Lucky Pupil Staff

Meet the Lucky Pupil team, the people behind the communication solutions.


Peter J Cribley, Founder

The Founder of Lucky Pupil, Peter J Cribley has spent years working with private clients and international companies offering communications, marketing, PR, media, sales and negotiation advice as well as other educational services. His practical and academic experience provide the vision that steers Lucky Pupil.

Olena Ponomarenko teaching at Lucky Pupil

Ellen Ponomarenko, CEO

As director of Lucky Pupil, Olena Ponomarenko engages with clients to help turn their vision into a reality. Olena lends her talent for leadership and engagement that make her an effective communicator and an indispensible proactive problem-solver.


Paul Mc Mahon, Educational Executive

Paul Mc Mahon brings an indispensable wealth of experience to the Lucky Pupil team, drawing on excellent academic credentials and a background in teaching English around the globe.

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Megan Bradley, Events Manager & Community Engagement

A warm and engaging communicator, Megan Bradley assists in directing truly memorable events and uses her talents as a networking guru to assist with in-person community engagement.


Bryan Waters, Curriculum Advisor

Bryan Waters' educational experience cannot be overstated, and his methods for developing course content delivery are built on his tried-and-tested personal techniques.


Alyona Tanchak, Personal Assistant

Alyona’s role is as multifaceted as she is talented, providing support as a translator, legal research, direct operational support, and preparation of learning materials.

Hanna Prokosheva Staff Photo

Anna Prokosheva, Marketing & PR Executive

Hanna Prokosheva handles the public-facing representation of Lucky Pupil. Her experience in field of journalism means people get the Lucky Pupil message on social media, in the press, and face-to-face.