Learn English with Ellen: Future Simple

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Future Simple worksheet

 We use the Future Simple:

  • to make predictions:

There will be strong winds tomorrow in the south of the country.

  • to suggest that a speaker will do something voluntarily:

A: The phone is ringing.

B: I'll get it.

  • to make a promise:

I won't tell anyone your secret.

  • to express a plan:

In speaking, will’ is usually contracted to “’ll”, after subject pronouns (i.e. I, we, you, they, she, he, it):

We’ll meet you outside the coffee shop.

1.     Compose the sentences in the future simple

Routine bites hard              _______________________________

Emotions are not growing               _________________________

Resentment rides high               ___________________________

Our respect run so dry               ___________________________

2.     Listen and match the words/phrases with their meanings

  1. failing

  2. bite

  3. tear apart

  4. resentment

  5. cry out

  6. low

  7. desperation

  8. exposed

  9. appeal

  10. take a hold

a)     to shout or make a loud noise because you are frightened, hurt

b)     a feeling of anger or unhappiness about something that you think is unfair

c)     a weakness or fault

d)     below the usual or average amount, level, or value

e)     a state of despair, hopelessness

f)      the quality in someone or something that makes him, her, or it attractive or interesting

g)     to have an unpleasant effect

h)     able to be seen

i)       to destroy something violently, especially by pulling it to pieces

j)       to begin to have complete control over somebody