Peter is an excellent educator, a person who has profound knowledge in multiple spheres and who is ready to share his experience with others. I feel that Peter has contributed to the development of our team by engaging people in multiple discussions, especially people who are shy about their English. He is a nice guy to casually talk to about almost anything. Thank you, Peter, for helping PioGroup learn and grow!

Alexey Shapran, Head of Development, PioGroup Software

[Students] all had a great impression of you as the speaker, they loved the atmosphere, the humor, the structure of your talk. [P]eople said that the lecture was really useful and they'd learned a lot of things and ideas they want to use in their work [and] would love to come to your lecture in future! 

Great reviews. :) Thank you!

Olya Semenikhina, Teacher of English, Plarium Global


Huge thanks to @PeterCribley for helping me with preparing: Unleash The Power Of Angular With Patterns.

Dmitriy Shekhovtsov‏, Chief Technology Officer at Valor Software 


It was a wonderful day, thank you! Peter, we love the way you interact and communicate with the PioGroup team. Our team is really excited to spend time with you! Your involvement in our strategy of five hearts communication is absolutely fantastic. We are all happy to have you & Olena with us. 

Olga Shapran‏, Chief Marketing Officer at PioGroup, Owner and Founder of ReadArea Business Club

Everyone agrees that the scope of topics was great. It is quite rare to find such a list of important and useful tips within one course, especially with such concise and clear coverage. The feedback you gave to everyone individually was also found extremely useful and motivating.

Olena Berdichenko, Training Manager, Sigma Software


Peter is a highly detail-oriented teacher. For the last year, he tutored our whole company, and we've really seen the improvements. One of Peter’s greatest assets is that he is not only very creative during classes, but is that he is very flexible. He mentored several groups, starting from beginner level up to advanced. Without a doubt, we would recommend him to anyone willing to improve their language skills.

Andrii Glukhi, Head of Delivery at Valor Software

I am grateful for everything Peter has done for our company: his interesting classes, the ideas he helped us with, his energy and a great sense of humour. Peter is an attentive and responsible teacher, a person who is able to conduct classes for guys with different levels of English. He was able to adjust his speech for those guys who do not speak English well and have poor listening skills. As an HR manager, I appreciate it a lot!

Olga Zak, Human Resources Management, PioGroup Software

During this highly anticipated event, Kharkivens learned more about how body language affects communication, how to feel more confident on public speaking events, and how to become more successful by mastering your voice. Peter J. Cribley gave great practical advice how to improve the level of fluency in English even if your language skills are limited.

Anastasia Mitrofanova, The Kharkiv Times


I would like to say "Thank you!" for this great workshop, it is really interesting to understand and use idioms and to know how to develop negotiation. In addition, the games we played were awesome!

Dmitriy Zazvonniy, Test Engineer, Sigma Software


A great event! Fabulous information for my professional activities. I'm happy that you're not only promoting English in an academic way [and] not just memorising phrases without any sense.

A standing ovation, especially for the message that [embodied] learning could collaborate with learning English (or any language, science etc)!

Elena Zinenko, Creative Services Director, Dwa Towarischa


I decided to practice my English by going to Peter Cribley's Masterclass at the Centre of Gender Culture. I couldn't have been more impressed by with the topic and with Peter!

[It was] very clear, laconic, informative and not too overwhelming.

If all the lecturers start including some physical exercises into their classes, then the impressions on their seminars will be much deeper.  The "body memory" remembers things longer and better. This technique definitely works out! Everybody gave way for me when walking back after this masterclass!

Olga Lavrova, Founder/CEO/Owner at IMA - Internet Marketing and Marketing Coordinator at Art G Studio

I was deeply impressed with both the level of the English language acquisition produced by the Ukrainian pupils and the ability to recognize the problem, describe it and prove their point of view. 

Peter's lessons help our children to develop critical and creative thinking, ability to express themselves. One should also mention that the lessons are held exclusively in English which is very important as it is a foreign language that needs constant practice. The lessons are great fun as well and all Peter's students always look forward to them.

Yuliya  Lässer, Director, Helen Doron English School Kharkivs’ka Oblast