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Women's Entrepreneurship: From Concept to Product

  • Chernobyl Historic Workshop Bahaliia Street, 1 Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast Ukraine (map)

Launching your own business is a crucial step on the road to financial independence and realising your dreams.

This open meeting from Сучасна жінка will be focussed on a discussion about how to choose and test you concept, conduct market research, and develop a prototype product to meet consumer demand. You'll learn how to take the most important steps towards the development of a unique product that is in-demand, as well as examining successful case studies of businesses from around the world.

Сучасна жінка invite all those planning to start their own business, anyone who wants to reformat their existing business or anybody interested in the local economy and in making new acquaintances.

Guest Co-ordinators include:
Sergei Prokopenko (Serhii Prokopenko) - Director of Development a the AV startup Gwara Media, Sergei supports innovative entrepreneurship projects and the use of new technologies in art.

Nahayvskaya Daria (Daria Nagaivska) - Teacher of courses in Marketing for KhNUE and representative of the Kharkiv Platform for Swiss GFGZ Gesellschaft zur Förderung der grenzüberschreitenden Zusammenarbeit Ukraine, Daria coordinates work culture of equality and NGO projects for the modern woman, as well as advising small and medium enterprises to develop their marketing strategy.

Location: Bahalii Street, 1, Chernobyl Historic Workshop.

The number of participants is limited and participants in a group of 20 people to register please: