Learn English with Ellen: the Present Perfect

A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins


Present Perfect worksheet

We use the Present Perfect :

  • for something that started in the past and continues in the present: She has lived in Liverpool all her life.

  • for something we have done several times in the past and continue to do: I’ve played the guitar ever since I was a teenager.

  • when we are talking about our experience up to the present: My last birthday was the worst day I have ever had.

  • for something that happened in the past but is important at the time of speaking: I can’t get in the house. I’ve lost my keys.


1.      What’s the structure again?


The present perfect is formed with:


______ +_______/________ + _________.


2. Listen and fill in the gaps with the correct word from the box

Before Met Come Just Known

I've never ____________ a girl like you ____________

Now ____________ like in a song from days of yore

Here you ____________ a knockin', knockin' at my door

And I've never ____________ a girl like you before


3. Listen and match the lines

 1) You give me just a taste

2) Now my hands are bleeding

3) Cos now you've got me

4) And I've never met

a) and my knees are raw

b) crawlin', crawlin' on the floor

c) a girl like you before

d) so I want more and more



4. Rewrite this sentence in the Present Perfect.


You give me just a taste. ___________________________________________


5. Rewrite these sentences in the Past Simple.


1) You’ve got me crawling on the floor.


Yesterday, _________________________________________________________


2) You’ve come along


Last week, _________________________________________________________



6. Write down the infinitive of these irregular verbs.

1) known ____________

2) met ____________

3) got ____________

4) made ____________