Learn English with Ellen: the Past Simple

Oops! I Did It Again - Britney Spears


Past Simple worksheet

We use the Past Simple to talk about:

  • something that happened once in the past: They got home very late last night.

  • something that happened again and again in the past: We swam a lot while we were on holiday.

  • something that was true for some time in the past: I lived abroad for ten years.

  • we often use phrases with ago with the past tense: I met my wife a long time ago.

1.      What’s the structure again?

 The past simple is formed with:

Positive Form: ___________ + ___________

Negative Form: ___________ ___________ + ___________

Question Form: ___________ ___________ ___________ ?

2. Listen and fill in the gaps with the correct word from the box

Made              Played              Got             Did

  1. I think I ___________  it again.

  2. I ___________  you believe we're more than just friends.

  3. I ___________ with your heart, ___________ lost in the game.


3. Listen and match the lines

1.     I made you believe

2.     'Cause to lose all my senses

3.     Can't you see

4.     I'm dreaming away


a)     I'm a fool in so many ways

b)     that is just so typically me

c)     we're more than just friends

d)     wishing that heroes, they truly exist


4.    Rewrite these sentences in the Past Simple.

1)     It doesn't mean that I'm serious.

_____________________________________ yesterday.

2)     You think I'm in love.

_____________________________________ for a long time.


5.    Write down the past tense of these irregular verbs.

1)     think ___________

2)     do ___________

3)     mean ___________

4)     get ___________

5)     send ___________

6)     dream ___________